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Man Shares Painful Personal Story About Depression–And It’s Spreading Across The Internet

Depression is an incredibly difficult illness to go through. Many individuals who suffer from depression go through times in their lives where they contemplate self-harm and sometimes, even suicide. While there are numerous outlets for support, there are times where we feel helpless and worthless. It’s no easy battle. But, there are moments in our lives where we push ourselves through and make it to the other side. And, when we look back, we realize – making it through all of those hard times makes us even stronger. One Twitter user, Craig Stone, shared a powerful story about his battle with depression in a simple tweet. He shared a photo of his son walking in front of, what seems to be, a normal bench. But, he said:

See that bench. 8yrs ago I sat on it thinking about throwing myself off Blackfriars Bridge. Today, I took this pic of my son. Tomorrow might be the same. But it might also be brighter. It might even bring unimaginable brilliance. Hang in there. Love is always coming.

The words were so powerful and touching that dozens of Twitter users reached out to Stone to share their thoughts and love.