Deadpool Video Bombs Hugh Jackman’s Birthday Message

Hugh Jackman is undoubtedly one of the busiest men in show business, but for his friends the lovable star of stage and screen still takes the time to send a heartfelt birthday message. Or at least he tried to.

On Friday Jackman posted a video to Twitter attempting to wish a friend a happy birthday, but before he could finish he was interrupted by Ryan Reynolds — singing show tunes.

As Hugh began his greeting Reynolds started belting out “Tomorrow” from Annie, and after a short sing along, all Jackman could do was say “Happy Birthday” and wrap things up.

For Jackman’s friend it will certainly be a birthday greeting to remember, but for fans the brief duet was enough to send them off on a flurry of speculation.

Fans were a little excited to see the duo together again.

Although Jackman has stated that Logan would be his last Wolverine film, fans are still holding out hope that the pair will one day share the screen together again. 

While a Wolverine/Deadpool crossover film may be a long shot at this point if anyone could make it happen it’s Ryan Reynolds and the Deadpool team.

They took a character stuck in production limbo and turned it into one of the highest grossing R-rated films of all time, mostly by sticking Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool suit and having him show up every where. It’s a strategy that seems to still be working.

Good news for Ryan Reynolds though. If the whole “acting” thing doesn’t work out it seems he has a promising singing career to fall back on.