Kim Kardashian Posted A Photo Of Her ‘Goodies’ To Promote Her Perfume Line And Fans Have Thoughts

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to posing half-naked (or fully naked) on social media. In fact, she’s pretty much known for her risque posts online. But, recently, fans are a bit taken back by the photo she posted on Twitter.
Kim posted a photo that was taken while she was posing absolutely butt-naked to promote her new fragrance line for her “Kim Kardashian West” line. How her naked body relates to her fragrance, I’m still unsure.

Twitter, also, was confused as to what the connection was between her fragrance line and her naked body. Unless her perfume is called Vagina by Kim Kardashian West–I don’t get it. Since posting the photo, fans and Twitter users have been questioning her…a lot.