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Comedian Andy Richter Goes Off On Twitter Troll In Vicious Twitter Rant Defending Depression

Depression and mental health disorders are often times difficult to understand and comprehend (especially if you don’t personally suffer from them). While it’s easy to understand a physical illness because you can see it, it’s often hard for others to understand an unseen mental illness.However, just because you can’t see the disease with the naked eye doesn’t make it any less real. For years, the stigma against mental illness has been that they’re easy to overcome and many times, people are exaggerating or choosing to suffer through the illness. But, these stigmas are what make combating mental illnesses so difficult. If people don’t take mental health issues seriously, then doctors and scientists won’t fund research on ways to treat them. It’s a never-ending cycle.

Comedian Andy Richter recently spoke out against a Twitter user who claimed that “depression is a choice,” and went on a powerful and insightful rant that really does hold power. He started off saying “go fuck yourself,” because – well, it’s insulting to tell someone who is sick that they are choosing to be sick.

But, he decided that just insulting the person who tweeted the offensive comment, he decided to explain further why it is offensive and how people with depression don’t actually choose to be depressed.

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Richter also added other offensive comments people often use and explained why they are offensive, too.

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Richter’s rant is actually one that is incredibly real and raw. As well, it puts the depression argument into perspective, as his profession is comedy – one which people associate with happiness and laughter. It showcases that people don’t choose depression, depression chooses us and sometimes we can’t do anything about it. We don’t always have things to be unhappy about like Richter explained, but it doesn’t make the sadness within us go away.