20+ Celebrities Bravely Show Off What They Look Like Without Makeup

Nowadays, everyone is obsessed with using contouring, lip-liners, and every other beauty product under the sun to make themselves look perfect.

Long gone are the days where going all natural was in. Many of times, people won’t leave the house without having a little something on their face–whether it’s coverup, bronzer, or mascara. While we all have beauty standards, many women look up to influential celebrities for their “look.” Now, celebrities are going bare-faced on social media, sharing selfies with no makeup at all.

33. Demi Lovato:

32. Gigi Hadid:

31. Hilary Duff:

30. Kesha:

29. Sarah Hyland:

28. Ashley Graham:

27. Ashley Tisdale:

26. Britney Spears:

25. Kylie Jenner:

25. Zendaya:

24. Kim Kardashian:

23. Cardi B: