Shawn Mendes Fixing Hailey Baldwin’s Dress At The Met Gala Is Truly Relationship Goals

The Met Gala took place on Monday evening, and the celebrity guests brought so much sparkle that they put the event’s “Heavenly Bodies” theme to shame.

Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes and model Hailey Baldwin were two of the attendees — an arrival which made quite the splash, considering the two have been quite coy about their relationship status since dating rumors first started circulating in November.

It would seem that Shawn and Hailey are ready to take their relationship public, now that they’ve attended the Met Gala together.

And, it looks like Shawn is definitely a model boyfriend (both literally and figuratively). Twitter was collectively charmed when Mendes made a particular effort to be conscientious of Baldwin’s long dress train and assist in arranging it for photos.

(Although, honestly, what was he supposed to do — just straight-up walk on her dress? But sure, I suppose we can call it “chivalrous.”)

People were 100% here for this small display of respect and affection (or, as I like to call it, “respection”).

People were also cackling over the fact that the two pretty much confirmed their relationship by attending the Gala together. (Right??)

Remember ladies (and gentlemen who wear dresses): get yourself a guy who won’t hesitate to respect both your self and your wardrobe.