The Official ’90s-Inspired Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack Is A Must-Have

Do you like Cards Against Humanity? What about the ’90s? If you answered yes to either one of those questions you need the ‘90s Nostalgia pack.

The expansion pack includes 23 white cards and seven black cards that relate to ’90s pop culture in some way, shape or form. The cards feature icons like the Y2K bug, Nicolas Cage’s face, and RealMedia. You’ll also revisit unforgettable moments like Kurt Cobain’s death and the deregulation of the mortgage market. It’s impossible to forget about this legendary decade!

The official ’90s nostalgia expansion pack is available through Amazon for just $8.00. And just like Right Said Fred, it’s too sexy for its shirt!

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This article was originally published by our friends at The Daily Dot.