Just 75 Hilariously Relatable Posts About Masturbation

What is one thing that almost every post-puberty stricken human has in common with one another? Yup! You nailed it; it’s masturbation. The art of making sweet, sweet love to your favorite person around, yourself. It seems like anyone who claims they don’t get down with the get down for whatever reasons are most likely some form of alien or probably lying in some capacity. Honestly, the way things have been going I wouldn’t overlook the alien thing. Stay woke.

Let’s just keep it real here, since it’s something we all do why not get a nice laugh out of it? Sure some do it more often than others. Some do it A LOT more often. We don’t judge, get your rocks off! Might as well get a good laugh out of it. I dare you to find a more impressive combination then humor and some self-serviced orgasms; it’s tough unless you want to bring some food into the mix. That’s here nor there! Please enjoy these 75 hysterical posts about masturbation that are probably too relatable.