This Guy’s Saga About Writing A Paper Without An ‘M’ Key Has Twitter Cracking Up

Meet Colin Chambers, Colin ran into a very specific problem and he did his very best to cope.

Colin had a psychology research paper due, but there was one problem: his ‘M’ key stopped working. Naturally, he decided to include the explanation of the missing ‘M’ in the introduction to his paper:

Colin’s troubles continued when he tried to contact Apple support to fix the issue:

But some people noticed something strange… There’s an ‘M’ right there in May at the top!

But Colin had an answer for that:

Naturally Twitter was wheezing with laughter and trying to help as best they could:

And Colin had an answer for that too:

In the end, this seems like the easiest solution, although it’s still kind of a nightmare:

Colin’s original tweet got almost 120,000 retweets and 570,000 likes, but he’s handling his new-found Twitter fame like a pro:

Hopefully Colin got his paper turned in, with or without the missing ‘M’s. Thanks for giving the rest of us a break from finals by entertaining us with your own problems.