Woman Shares The Heartwarming Story Of How Complete Strangers Helped Save Her Husband’s Wedding Ring

When something tragic happens to you in public and complete strangers band together to help you out, it gives you a little more faith in humanity in this hot, garbage world.
One Twitter user, Erin, and her husband were out in Philly when Brian happened to drop his wedding ring–and, it fell into a grate in the middle of the city (yuck). The ring was extremely important because it was his grandfather’s wedding ring and was engraved with his grandparent’s initials and wedding date.

They called City Hall, but were turned away until Monday–which, is a pretty long time. So, they tried to make some “tools” to fish the ring out of the street grate.

Anyone who lives in a big city knows that city grates are filled with trash, garbage, and nasty sh*t.

The couple spent hours trying to get the ring out of the grate. And, finally after spotting it–they tried getting it out…but, it wasn’t the right ring.

Complete strangers came up to them, as the two were laying on the ground of Philly and it probably looked a bit strange. Some even stopped to help them out.

Finally, a Philly cop walked by and was kind enough to stop and help out. He called into PECO, and someone came out to open the grate for them.

And, he was successful!

The PECO guy, Brian, rescued this very sentimental and important ring from the nasty, dirty city grate for them. And, all of the strangers who stayed around to help were incredibly grateful to witness such kindness.

What an amazing ending to a pretty rough day–right?

Goes to show you that the world isn’t all that bad.