Woman Shares Before-And-After Pictures After A Groomer ‘Did Her Dog Dirty’

Whenever you take your dog to the groomer, you assume they’re going to do a good job. I mean, that’s what you’re paying for, right? You don’t think you’re going to get your dog back looking like an entirely new animal–or, horrible. One girl was shocked and mortified after seeing her white, fluffy dog after going to the groomer. Alyssa Echevarria shared the before and after photos on Twitter with the caption:

The groomer did him dirty.

Here’s the before:


And, the after:


Clearly, this groomer was not in the right mind when grooming this pup because come on bro–he looks like a completely different dog (and that cut is severely uneven). Alyssa’s tweet inspired others to share before and after photos of their animals from the groomer.

Moral of the story? Tell your groomer exactly what you want. If not, trim your dogs hair yourself, y’all.