Girl Drags Friend For Getting Into College Because Of ‘White Privilege,’ And People Are Pissed

White privilege certainly exists, and those who refuse to acknowledge or accept that are simply perpetuating a vicious cycle of abuse and discrimination against people of color. We need look no farther than the consistent rate at which unarmed black men are shot by white police offers as evidence of this privilege – at the very least.

Though rampant, claiming white privilege where it doesn’t necessarily come into play is a bad move. It merely serves to distract from the real issue at hand, fueling those aforementioned nonbelievers’ wayward assertions that it’s simply “not a thing.”

A screenshot of a Facebook conversation exemplifying this very thing is currently going viral. In it, a girl shares her acceptance letters into Yale University School of Medicine. Immediately, a commentator gives “a shoutout” to her “white privilege”

OP retorted, to which the critic here replied they were “Just keeping things real.”

Sure, white privilege means white people generally have a life laden with opportunities which make acceptance to an ivy league school possible. More so than POC, in any case.

OP, however, was not blessed with the typical childhood you may expect of a student accepted to Yale Med. (And even if she did — is a Facebook thread really the proper battle hill on which to wage a war against white privilege?)

It really does sound as though Melissa is trying to condescend rather than be helpful.

People had some thoughts after the convo was posted to the CringeAnarchy subReddit. Many were infuriated by Melissa’s use of “sweetie.”

Others were just…infuriated.

The advantages of money, color, and gender are vital to the discussion of the socio-economical state of affairs in our nation. But using it in the manner of Melissa is dangerous and damaging. What do you think?