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Trump Supporting Sheriff David Clark Just Threatened Violence Against The Media, Too

David Clarke is, to put it lightly, “tough on crime.” He’s the cowboy hat-wearing, conservative vitriol-spewing, former Milwaukee, Wisconsin, sheriff who advocated such poor prisoner mistreatment and was so opposed to prison reform that multiple people died in his jails. He resigned last August, but he never was repaid for his proud and vocal support of the Donald Trump campaign with a job in the administration. When the job didn’t materialize, Clarke became a full-time right-wing firebrand, which means he says nasty things on Fox News a lot.

Even though he uses the media to spread his opinions far and wide, Clarke is first and foremost a hardcore Trump acolyte, which means he’s also highly critical of the (non-Fox News) media. Why? Because it has a liberal bias in the way that it dutifully reports David Clarke’s various misdeeds.

Evidently there’s an FBI affidavit out there which paints Clarke as a nasty guy who used his power as a sheriff to intimidate others. In January 2017, Clarke was on a plane en route to Milwaukee with a guy named Dan Black. He saw the sheriff, recognized him, and shook his head. Clarke evidently was so offended by what he took as a personal attack that he texted his deputies to detain Black. One of the FBI-recovered texts read, “Just a field interview, no arrest unless he becomes an a*****e with you guys. Question for him is why he said anything to me. Why didn’t he just keep his mouth shut?” When the plane landed, six deputies and two police dogs escorted Black off of the jet and out of the airport.

Charges aren’t going to be filed, but Clarke is still upset that the media even talked about it. So, on Saturday, he fired off some tweets. Did he use the words “lib media,” and “fake news,” and smear Hillary Clinton? Well, of course he did.

But wait…there’s more!