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This Woman’s Label For Her Shoe Is Gaining Her A Lot Of Fans

Dogs… we love them, they’re great.

Label makers… okay some of us love them, they’re funsies we guess?

However, one woman in New York is showing us what magic can happen when dogs and label makers combine.

We don’t know her name; we don’t know her backstory. All we know is this unsung hero of fashion, labeling and dog ownership is showing us all just how great we can truly be.

She swooped into one Twitter user’s life without warning.

Katrin was just walking around New York when:

Let’s take a closer look:

That’s right, the back of the woman’s left shoe has a significant chunk missing and underneath the gap is a neat little label that reads:

“my dog chewed it”

This woman is winning the internet and revolutionizing labels right now.

And she may not even know it:

People could certainly relate:

And some even decided to Twitter shame their own little perpetrators:

We don’t know who you are, lady, but our slightly chewed hats are off to you!

H/T: Twitter, Mashable