This Mom’s Reaction To Beyoncé’s Coachella Performance Is Literally All Of Us

ICYMI, Beyoncé performed at Coachella this past weekend and brought the entire world to its knees. The Queen not only performed all of her hits throughout the years while looking absolutely flawless, she also reunited Destiny’s Child–something we’ve been waiting years to see.

Clearly, Bey knew what she was doing when she was putting on the craziest performance of the year. People are going to be talking about this for years. Not only did she slay, she brought out all the weapons she could to make it the most talked about show of the entire weekend.

While everyone in the world was freaking out, one mother was going absolutely HAM for the Queen via text message to her daughter. Natalie Parker shared the receipts on Twitter of her mother actually freaking out over the Beyoncé performance as she live-streamed it.

The mother texted her daughter asking if she was watching the live stream, but, then, broke it down into itty bitty details–from outfit changes to song choices–even commenting on which outfit she liked better.

Even after the show had ended, her mom was still going on about the performance. She was so amped up from the show, she had to take a Z-quil to calm down and go to bed. Y’all, I am crying.

She sincerely was moved by her entire performance.

Clearly, Beyoncé has a brand new fan in this mom.

Twitter was absolutely dying over this conversation–because, let’s be real, it’s epic.

ICYMI–Beyoncé is performing again next weekend. Maybe Parker’s mom will watch again.