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Ben Stiller Just Read Trump’s Recent Tweets As Zoolander, And We Love It

Ben Stiller is probably a comic genius. He’s written, directed, and starred in so many classic movies, many of them built on unique, hilarious, and unforgettable characters of his own creation. Where would comedy of the last 20 years be without Dodgeball, Tropic Thunder, There’s Something About Mary, or Meet the Parents?

However, no Stiller character is more famous—or funnier—than Derek Zoolander. Both the world’s top male model (until the rise of Hansel—he’s so hot right now) and the world’s dumbest male model (if not human being overall), Stiller created the character for comedy sketches on an installment of the VH1 Fashion Awards back in the ‘90s. The bits were so well-received that Stiller got together with Justin Theroux (yes, the same Justin Theroux from The Leftovers, marriage to Jennifer Aniston, and having unattainable abs) to write a bonkers, full-length Zoolander movie, released in 2001. (They also wrote the not as great sequel, Zoolander 2, in 2016).

The first Zoolander has a plot involving Zoolander and Hansel (Owen Wilson) uncovering conspiracies and preventing the assassination of a world leader. Conspiracy theories? Important world leaders? Hey, that sounds like Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.

The Daily Beast agreed, and the news website got together with Stiller to revive the Zoolander character for an audio recording in which the really, really, really ridiculously good-looking male model reads some of President Trump’s most bonkers tweets—particularly the ones from last weekend in which he desperately attempted to prove he was smart and stable.