A Creepy Moving Mannequin Head Is The Internet’s Latest Meme

One of the most comforting aspects of internet culture is the reliable absurdity that offers some respite from the harsh realities of the daily news cycle. And when I say “absurdity” I am, of course, talking about memes. In the midst of the frightening and concerning whirlwind of current events, it’s nice to occasionally take a break and look at whatever weird, random inside joke the Twitter timeline is perpetuating.

The latest meme to take over people’s Twitter feed is this (slightly unsettling) video of a styrofoam mannequin head turning abruptly in bed.

Despite the fact that it’s definitely teetering into Uncanny Valley territory, Twitter has collectively embraced the video, and people are now using the clip as a relatable reaction GIF.

After all, who among us hasn’t had a startling, head-turning moment interrupt our REM cycle?

Although, as a lady, I can confirm that this particular reaction GIF is definitely the most accurate:

Look, we live in crazy times, and sometimes we all just need to blow off some steam and look at a stupid video now and again. And today, that video just happens to be an animated mannequin head.

It’s the internet. Don’t worry about it.