The Special Gloves At The Winter Olympics Are The Internet’s Newest Meme

The 2018 Winter Olympics are underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea. And they opened as they usually do with the, uh, Opening Ceremony. The highlight of the evening is a parade of athletes, in which the contingents from each participating country proudly march into and through the main Olympic venue and wave.

Team USA was there, of course, and their waving was particularly eye-catching because of the very fancy and striking gloves members wore. The American squad is lucky enough to have Ralph Lauren designing their clothes this year, including their light brown, fringe-adorned, oversized gloves. That’s just one benefit of being an Olympian: you get $995 Ralph Lauren gloves for free.

While the company’s chief innovation officer David Lauren wanted the clothes and accessories to celebrate “the American spirit, with iconic pieces updated with modern details and technical fabrications,” that’s not what most people were thinking when they got a look at those gigantic gloves. They were thinking of a true American classic, but probably not the one the Olympic committee or anyone at Ralph Lauren had in mind: Dumb and Dumber. Yes, the gloves sported by America’s top sportos bear an uncanny resemblance to the ones purchased by Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) when he arrives in Aspen and tries to dress the part with an expensive new wardrobe.