‘Screaming Trump’ Is The Internet’s Newest Photoshop Battle

Not since the cantankerous Andrew Jackson has the United States of America had such an angry, yelly president. Donald Trump just yells a lot. It must be how he relates to the common man, those that are angry and frustrated with losing their jobs that carried him to victory in economically depressed areas of the Rust Belt and Midwest. If he’s not yelling at debates, or rallies, or at his staff, he’s virtually yelling on Twitter. The man loves to use all caps and multiple exclamation points to get his incredibly strong opinions across.

This isn’t anything new. Trump yelled at contestants on The Apprentice all the time, and he yelled on the campaign trail, emphatically throwing his fists in the air and opening his mouth big and wide. A Reuters photographer caught such an image of Trump doing just that at a Las Vegas campaign rally in 2016. Only now, a year and a half later and after many months of Trump never, ever lowering his voice has the image gone viral. That’s because people are Photoshopping it.

On Monday, a Reddit user named LonelyScout put the picture up for grabs, and up for competition, in the hilarious and fascinating Reddit thread called PhotoshopBattles. The task at hand: Do whatever you want to do to this picture of the president.

Photo manipulators from all over and from all kinds of skill levels accepted the challenge, and they did not disappoint.