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Scientists Now Believe Zika Virus Could Be The Key To Fighting An Even Deadlier Disease: Brain Cancer

The Zika virus has been a thorn in the side of the health industry since it first emerged in 2015. Spread by mosquitos, the virus is relatively harmless in most adult cases, but can cause birth defects if contracted by a pregnant woman. Researchers in Brazil, however, may have found an upside to the pesky ailment: it could help treat brain cancer!

What if a treatment was transmitted to the brain the same way Zika virus was?

Tests have been promising!

But there’s still a ways to go before we start using Zika on real people.

Twitter was pretty excited by the news!

Though others were a bit more skeptical…

We’ve always thought of Zika as a fearful disease, but in 10 years, we may think of it as a miracle drug!

H/T – Twitter, Getty Images