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A Scammer Just Tried To Impersonate Oprah, And Oprah Just Responded Very Strongly

Not too many billionaires are universally liked. People don’t trust Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, for example, and lots of people really seem to dislike that Donald Trump guy. The one billionaire everyone can agree on: Oprah. All hail the Oprah! She’s loved by all because of the way she earned her money: entertaining, sharing information, and just helping people live their best lives. Frankly, Oprah deserves every penny.

Be that as it may, being beloved doesn’t preclude a person from getting targeted in a scam — that influence can be exploited by a certain criminal element. Oprah posted a short video on her Instagram and Twitter accounts on Thursday to warn fans, followers, friends, and families to be aware of somebody posing as her in order to get their money.

“I just wanted you to know that somebody out there is trying to scam you using my name and my avatar on social media, asking for money if you sign up for an OWN account on Instagram,” Oprah said while standing in front of a lovely Christmas tree. (OWN stands for “Oprah Winfrey Network.”) “It’s a fraud!” she added in that delightful and famous Oprah singy/talky voice.

So, to recap, don’t give fake Oprah your money or bank account information, because fake Oprah is the evil Oprah. As expected, Twitter had Oprah’s back.