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Roy Moore Refuses To Concede In New Video Message—And Doug Jones Has Had Enough

We’re all still reeling from — and celebrating — democrat Doug Jones’s win over mall predator/caveman Roy Moore in the Alabama special election to fill Jeff Sessions’s vacated seat in the Senate. Republicans are freaking out about how a state that Trump won by 28 points a year ago could elect a democrat, as well as how their majority in the Senate is now a scant 51 to 49. Meanwhile, Doug Jones is preparing to get sworn in the near future (but probably not until January, after the GOP pushes through its tax plan). One man who just can’t move on: Roy Moore. He can’t accept the fact that his own state rejected him, a twice-dismissed judge with a history of preying on teenage girls who honestly thinks that the last time America was great was when slavery was legal.

Moore remains deluded, convinced that it’s not over yet. He wants a recount, which he’d have to pay for himself. Until then, he won’t acknowledge the cold, hard fact that Jones got more votes, and he still hasn’t conceded. Why? Because evil forces are afoot.

“We are indeed in a struggle to preserve our republic, our civilization, and our religion, and to set free a suffering humanity,” Moore said in a video released by his campaign Wednesday night.” “Abortion, sodomy, and materialism have taken the place of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Moore also said that he won’t concede because only 99 percent of the votes have been counted, and he could still pull out a win once military and provisional ballots are tallied. “We are awaiting certification by the Secretary of State,” Moore said. (By the way, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill has stated that it’s “highly unlikely” that Moore could win at this point.)

Democratic golden boy Doug Jones has been making the media rounds, and he appeared on NBC’s Today this morning. His message for Moore sounded a lot like the “GET OVER IT, SNOWFLAKE!” messages Trump supporters yelled at stunned Clinton supporters last year. But, you know, civil, thoughtful, and not hostile. “I’d say, look, it is time to move on,” Jones said. “I think this one was one that people of Alabama have now spoken a little bit, and they decided to heal.”

People on social media are ready to move on, too, but not before telling Moore to put on his big boy pants.