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Republicans Misspelled A Simple Word On Their State Of The Union Tickets And They’re Getting Roasted For It

The State Of The Union is dumb.

If you’ve seen the movie Idiocracy you know it’s a hilarious satire that’s becoming more and more real with every passing day. It’s a little terrifying to have people in charge of the government who keep making basic mistakes like spelling words wrong or, you know, failing to include jews in a holocaust remembrance statement, but here we are.

In Idiocracy everyone is incredibly dumb, the president is a professional wrestler, and the United States is in severe decline


In real life, the president is terrifyingly clueless and also just happens to be our first president in the World Wrestling Entertainment hall of fame


Apparently not happy with the many existing similarities between the Trump administration and the Camacho administration, Republicans in Congress decided to make things even dumber…