People Are Adorably Sharing Their Coming Out Stories As “Glo-Ups”

If you’re not sure what a “glo-up” is, it’s a pretty viral social media term that millennials use to describe a huge change in self. Basically, it’s like the story of the ugly duckling that grew up to be a beautiful swan. Think of it as the ugly pre-teen who had acne and braces, who then grew up to be a runway model. We all have our own versions of “glo-ups.” The term has been used numerous times to describe celebrities who got better looking with age, or even people we knew in our own hometowns. But, we’ve never seen the term “glo-up” being used like this.

People online in the LGBTQ community are using the glo-up trend to show before and after pictures of coming out of the closet. In the before pictures, they’re photographed looking unhappy and unsatisfied with the opposite sex – whether it be at prom or a date – and posting it side by side with up-to-date photos of them with their new girlfriend/boyfriend. Basically, they show how much happier they are that they discovered their true taste in men/women and came out of the closet publicly. It’s pretty inspiring.

Someone grab me some tissues, I’m in actual tears.