Prince Harry Hasn’t Asked His Brother To Be Best Man Yet—And Twitter Has A Theory

The upcoming wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is the most anticipated royal event in years—at least since the last royal wedding, the one between Harry’s older brother Prince William to the former Kate Middleton. However, this one isn’t going to be as big of a deal as the last one, because William is the second-in-line, direct heir to the English throne, while Harry is a measly fifth (after William’s increasingly growing brood of kids).

Nevertheless, it’s really fun to speculate about what the wedding between Harry and the former star of Suits is going to look and feel like. What flowers will they choose? What will the venue be like? Will the Queen show up? How will the gigantic diamond look on Markle’s finger? Who will be Harry’s best man? The answers to those questions and more remain to be seen, but the assumed identity of Harry’s top mate as he walks down the aisle would be his BFF and fellow Princess Diana spawn, the kingly Prince William. Or maybe not. With only about four months to go until the Big Day, Harry hasn’t actually asked William to be his best man yet.

We have that on good authority—Wills himself. In this short video, William mentions the sad and mildly shocking truth.

Now, Harry has always given off a slightly reckless, fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants air, so it probably just slipped his mind, or he’s going to ask at the last minute. Or…he’s got somebody else in mind. Somebody who we’d all pick to be our best man if given the chance, someone even more palatable than the future king of England.