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This Instagram Group Is Using Nude Photography And Glitter To Make Women Feel Beautiful

Arriving at a place of body acceptance is a constant and ongoing struggle — it’s part of the human journey to accept if not celebrate those so-called imperfections that make us human: a size or shape that doesn’t quite fit the beauty standard, or stretch marks, or scars, or cellulite, or some other kind of “flaw.” Even the most self-assured, confident, and body issue-woke person can feel bad about something about themselves from time to time.

Flashback time! Back to where it all started. Who knew what this would become! Tap for tags. #positivelyglittered

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An Instagram group called Positively Glittered has set out to help women feel good about their bodies and their selves just the way they are. How? Nude photography…and glitter. So. Much. Glitter!

How it works: Women who participated get totally naked and then paint themselves in thick layers of multi-colored glitter, and then strike a pose for some amazing and artsy pictures. Okay, that’s objectively awesome, but why, you know, glitter?

“We cover ourselves in glitter because glitter is so striking, beautiful, and really gets the girls wanting to be involved,” Positively Glittered founder Roseanne Mae told Mashable. “Some of us enjoy being naked and all glittered up with friends because its a way of bringing up our sisters and helping each other to see the beauty in all of us.”

Positively Glittered’s Instagram page has already amassed more than 8,000 followers, which is pretty good considering that the project only went public in mid-October. Clearly, they’ve struck a chord with women all over the world.