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Photos Of A Snow-Covered Tokyo Emerge Online—And It’s Very Pretty

Tokyo isn’t what one thinks of as a snowy place. They get some snow, but not a lot, and when they do, it’s usually just a sprinkling or a light dusting. The gorgeous capital city of Japan actually hasn’t had a heavy snow warning in nearly four years—February 2014 being the last time it happened. Until this week, that is. On Monday, forecasters predicted that the city would get covered in about 10 centimeters of snow, which is to say four inches.

Tokyo didn’t get 10 centimeters. Between Monday morning and early Tuesday, some areas got as much as 23 centimeters, which is nine inches. While that certainly created chaos and catastrophe for commuters and travelers, never mind all that. Feast your eyes on what the stunning landmarks of Tokyo look like when they’re covered in snowy dust. The breathtaking photos have to be seen to be believed.