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Pepper The Cat Was Lost At JFK Airport For A Week—But Her Adventure Has Come To An End

On April 20, disaster struck when a tabby cat by the name of Pepper escaped her carrier and disappeared into the elaborate labyrinth of John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City. What ensued was a week-long adventure that is surely being adapted into a children's movie as we speak!

Pepper was last seen being ADORABLE in her carrier:

Airport authorities nearly captured Pepper multiple times:

But she proved to be an elusive foe…

Finally, however, Pepper made it back to her owner!

To bring Pepper in safely, the Port Authority had to enlist the help of Pepper's close friend.

A few tourists were disappointed they wouldn't be getting the full NYC experience…

But most of the city rejoiced that the beloved feline will finally get a nice night back in her real home!

Three cheers for Pepper!

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