15 People Shared The One Thing That Scares The Sh*t Out Of Them And They’ll Make Your Skin Crawl

Sweet dreams.

7. Right on, SqueegeBeckenheim

Besides the normal things that most people think of, I’m going to throw deep sea fish out there. Have you seen how terrifying some of them bitches are? Ah.

8. But maxforce2869 makes a good case for fearing a different animal

Hippopotamus. They can weigh about two tons and achieve speeds of 20mph on land. Their bite can easily kill and they are extremely territorial. More deaths occur per year by hippos than lions, wolves, elephants, and sharks combined.

9. Then again, sharrrp has a pretty good reason for everyone to fear fungus


Lethal mind control fungus. It’s straight out of a horror movie. Infected ants compulsively climb as high as they can and then clamp their jaws down. Then a stalk grows out the top of their head and releases spores that infect more ants.

The Last of Us infection is based on it.