15 People Shared The One Thing That Scares The Sh*t Out Of Them And They’ll Make Your Skin Crawl

Sweet dreams.

4. …and RuprectGern found a way to make it even worse

Anesthesia awareness – You go into the hospital for surgery and you are paralyzed and awake during the entire procedure. unable to scream, move, or indicate in any way that you are “locked in”

5. Gargatua13013 is afraid of bloody eyes

“Bleeding eye fever”

“The symptoms of the viral disease are said to include headaches, bleeding, vomiting, diarrhoea and muscle pains. The viral haemorrhagic fever is said to leave people bleeding from their eyes, mouth and anus. Other symptoms include dizziness, body stiffness, backache, sore eyes, abdominal pain, mood swings and confusion.”

6. This bit of trivia from Unknown1776 will make you a hit at the next party

The super volcano in Yellowstone Wyoming that if it explodes, would make 1/3 Of North America instantly uninhabitable and we would have to evacuate the rest. It would also create a volcanic winter for the whole planet for a couple of years