People Are Turning Kanye West’s New Album Cover Into Memes And They’re Brilliant

ICYMI, Kanye West dropped his new, highly anticipated album over the weekend and it’s been getting a lot of hype.
The somewhat self-titled album, Ye, has seven tracks that discuss a lot of things that have been going on in the spotlight with Yeezy as of lately. For once, he brings up things he’s said in the media spotlight that has gotten him into trouble with fans and followers–like, saying “slavery is a choice.” He also admits that he’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, his mental health issues make him a “superhero,” and, that he and Kim Kardashian almost got a divorce after he went buckwild on Twitter recently.

The album cover, which reportedly was taken on Kanye West’s iPhone just hours before he live-streamed the finished product for friends and fans–features a powerful statement about bipolar disorder. The photo of the Wyoming mountains (where the GOOD Music studio is located) is seen with the words, “I hate being bipolar it’s awesome,” written across it.

Fans took the self-made album cover as an opportunity to turn the photo into memes and hilarious photos.