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Pastor Claims Melania Trump Wouldn’t Step Foot Into White House Until It Was Exorcised—Sure, Jan

Apparently, there’s a good reason—but a very dark reason—why Melania Trump didn’t want to move in to the White House right away. It wasn’t because she wanted to stay in New York with her son, Barron, until his school year was over, or because her marriage to President Trump is shaky. It all had to do with evil spirits. Okay.

This is all according to a West Lafayette, Indiana, pastor named Paul Begley, who hosts a radio show called Coming Apocalypse, a news and comment show from the point of view of its most, an arch-conservative religious fundamentalist. He may not be the most appropriate source—he is not a White House insider or politically connected in any way—nor is he the most grounded source. For example, this coming apocalypse of which he speaks will be the result of a traveling space object called Planet X, which Begley says will enter our solar system in 2018, and trigger the Rapture. Okay.

Begley appeared on the podcast Weekend Vigilante, hosted by Sheila Zilinksy. He says that there’s a whole side of Melania Trump we don’t know, apart from the modeling career, icy stares, and blatant dislike for her husband, the president of the United States. Begley says she’s a devout Catholic (which is true—confirmed when she met the Pope last year), and as such asked for an exorcism to be performed on the White House to rid the presidential residence of evil spirits left by the Obamas and Clintons, who Begley says kept “demonic” and “Haitian” talismans on the premises. Melania Trump even apparently put her foot down, telling the other Trump that, “I’m not going into that White House unless it has been completely exorcised.” Okay.

And apparently, an exorcism SWAT team came in and did it, getting rid of evil artifacts, anointing the places with blessed oils all willy-nilly, and just praying all over the place. Of course, all of that spiritual cleansing was undone the second Melania’s husband, game show host and failed university administrator Donald Trump entered the building, but what are ya gonna do?