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Awkward Video Of Donald And Melania Trump Emerges—And Twitter Has Theories

The wild, reckless, unpredictable and straight-up weird reign of President Donald Trump has also brought with it a new era in presidential personal relationships. We’ve become accustomed to presidents and their spouses actually liking each other, or at the very least actually spending time together. Say what you will about George W. Bush, but that dude really liked Laura Bush, and she, for some reason, liked him, too. And Barack and Michelle Obama, those two are #couplesgoals for every last one of us. Even when Bill Clinton was being accused of various marital infidelities, Hillary Clinton never disappeared.

That’s what makes the relationship between Donald and Melania Trump seem so weird:

She didn’t even move to the White House right away, ostensibly so her kid, Barron, wouldn’t have to switch schools in the middle of the year. When they are seen together, it seems like Melania Trump is like the rest of us, in that she doesn’t much care for Donald Trump.

At the Inauguration, cameras captured her looking incredibly upset.

In Tel Aviv last year, she was seen batting the Donald’s hand away on public, like they’d had a fight in the car on the way to the dinner party.

On the anniversary the Trump inauguration, she posted a photo of herself without her husband or even a mention of him.

Yet another entry in the seemingly loveless soap opera that is the Trumps’ weird marriage has hit the internet, and tongues are wagging. It’s a simple NBC News clip of the President and First Lady leaving the White House for Ohio.