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Disturbing Video Shows Maryland Cop Using Lethal Force On A Groundhog Trying To Cross The Road

Sometimes, people do things that proves just how deplorable the human race can be. While trying to help with a traffic backup caused by a wandering groundhog, a Maryland sheriff’s deputy did the unthinkable by drawing his gun on it and firing. The incident was captured on video, inciting rage and confusion across the internet.

To viewers, it appears as if he just grew tired of dealing with the rodent before pulling his gun. Based on a statement from the sheriff’s office, however, the deputy was acting in the public’s best interest. The Maryland sheriff’s office claimed that the deputy believed the “groundhog to be either sick or injured” and that he “put the animal down for the public’s safety.”

Corporal Jon Light of Carroll County commented on the incident, citing local policy regarding animal control. “You see the groundhog coming after the officer. At this point, the animal was not acting as a normal animal would. It is within our policy to dispose of any animal that could pose a health threat.”

Of course, once the video made its rounds on Twitter and news outlets, the public spoke out against the actions of the deputy. One Twitter user, @CollinTaylorInc, gave his own take on the incident. “Obviously the animal wasn’t hurt. Looked more scared and disoriented.” Speaking on behalf of many animal lovers, he continued: “Shame on this officer. Should be charged [with] animal cruelty.” Others took to making Groundhog Day jokes, like @slayermode83’s quip: “Which one is supposed to be afraid of its own shadow again?”

There has been no word about whether or not the deputy will face corrective action, but the backlash he’s received over his actions may wind up being punishment enough.