Miley Cyrus Takes Back Her Apology For That ‘Scandalous’ 2008 Vanity Fair Photo Shoot

Ten years ago, Miley Cyrus fans were supposedly “shocked” when Miley deigned to expose her entire back (*gasp*) during a photo shoot with legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz.

The photo, which was part of a spread for Vanity Fair, simply featured Cyrus without a shirt, wrapped in a sheet. Though Miley has since executed more daring and “scandalous” photo ops (remember her cover for Paste Magazine?), her fans were apparently flabbergasted at the time — so much so that Miley actually apologized.

However, Miley has apparently decided to backtrack her apology and remind everyone that it was ridiculous for her to ever be shamed in the first place. Miley recently tweeted a photo of the New York Post front page story about her apology, saying “I’M NOT SORRY” and “F**k YOU.”

It’s nice that Miley is taking back her apology — because honestly, the photo is extremely tasteful and lovely.

Twitter fully supported Miley’s #sorrynotsorry moment.

It’s sort of nice to reminisce about a time when Miley Cyrus’ exposed back was the most shocking part of the news cycle, isn’t it?