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15 Women Revealed The Things That Men Still Don’t Know About Women

6. Here’s the truth, the long and the short of it.

Hair gets everywhere. Everywhere.

7. Here’s a share about the air down there.

We can be just as gassy as you, but we have to deal with annoying “gas traps.” If a woman is wearing panties and (typically) sitting, the gas can go forward and essentially get stuck in the outer folds of the vagina, making an air pocket. We have to do a little wiggling to get it out. My husband found this fascinating when I told him.

8. It doesn’t mean she’s angry, but asking her to smile could understandably make her angry.

People think that just because I’m quiet or don’t smile I’m a bitch or angry.

9. Science clearly hates women.

How confusing and frustrating our bodies can be. I had an ex that would just get so mad that I couldn’t orgasm. I wanted to, but it’s not like there is some magical button you can push. Also, monthly hormone fluctuations OMG. One day my face is flawless then a week before my period I breakout. My mood gets messed up right before my period and I cry for no reason and eat lots of cereal for two days, then the flood starts and mood is fine. It’s as confusing and shitty for me as it is for you I promise!

10. There’s nothing natural about the natural look.

That a natural look doesn’t mean that it’s low-maintenance. Men always say they like a woman who doesn’t wear make-up, but chances are, she does. And she moisturizes, waxes, and maybe even dyes her hair.

Furthermore, all of that costs money, and not just once, but on a rolling basis. Men might not like paying for dinner, but women also don’t like dropping $50 every month keeping those bangs and eyebrows in check.