Massive Spider Seen Clinging To Tree Branches Is Rescued From Australian Flood Waters

Australia is home to some our planet’s strangest and most terrifying wildlife. Killer crocs, venomous snakes, and giant spiders roam the Outback ready to ruin anyone’s day. Lately, flooding has forced some of these majestic creepy crawlies into contact with humans and it’s pretty scary.

Recent flooding in Australia has sent some of the continent’s most terrifying creatures searching for higher ground. Yesterday, a brave Aussie native captured this video of an enormous spider holding on for its life.

Because Australians are made of tougher stuff than the rest of us, locals rescued the critter and relocated it to an avocado tree in the middle of their town.

Andrew Giliberto via Courier Mail



Seeing the enormous eight-legged beast has arachnophobes on Twitter SHOOK.

If the spiders do take over, please don’t tell them I was size-shaming them for being enormous. I don’t want to die in a web.