Man Caught Peeing On Seat In Front Of Him On Frontier Airlines Flight

At this point in life, I assumed I had seen reports of pretty much every possible form of scandalous misconduct involving an airline. After all, once an airline drags a passenger off a plane or encourages a passenger to flush their hamster down a toilet, the reputation of the “friendly skies” is pretty much in ruin. How much worse could it get?

Well, apparently, it CAN get worse.

Recently, a man on a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Charleston decided to lower the bar for airline travel even further by peeing on the seat in front of him.

The moment was captured by a horrified passenger sitting across from the man and later posted to Reddit. (And I’m warning you … it’s pretty, um, vivid.)


Truly, I am speechless. I have no speech.

“How the f**k does someone make it to that age and still think this behavior is acceptable?” one Redditor asked.

Another reminded everyone that THIS is why we can’t have nice things, saying that “Airline seats keep getting less and less padding. We are within 10 years before they start offering steel folding chairs.”

The passenger has been identified by news reports as 45-year-old Michael A. Haag, who apparently also “grabbed two women during the flight,” and has been charged with “interfering with flight crew, as well as indecent exposure.” He was escorted from the plane in handcuffs.

A fellow passenger named Emily told local news that Haag had been drinking, and seemed “extremely intoxicated” and “out of his mind.”

In a statement from Frontier, the airline says that the police investigation into Haag’s behavior is in progress. “Frontier has zero tolerance for behavior that affects the safety of our passengers and crew. We are supporting authorities in their investigation.”

Nevertheless … maybe I’ll stick to sitting in the very last row of the plane from now on.