Scientists Release Study Proving Why You Should Have Sex Before Going To Bed

21. You can die while having sex.

Four popes have reportedly died while having sex – which makes us say “Holy sh*t.”

22. Educated women like it from behind.

According to a recent study, women with higher degrees (masters, Ph.D.) enjoy anal sex more than those who have lower-level degrees.

23. Women are more likely to cheat when ovulating.

During ovulation, hormone levels reach an all-time high. Surveys show that women who are ovulating are so horny, they are more likely to cheat on their partners when they do not want to have sex during this time of the month.

24. Lube helps.

According to studies, using store-bought lube can help you get off. While people prefer “natural lube,” it’s been found that using lube will help you and your partner both get off faster.

25. Lesbians get off the most.

Out of everyone in the world, it’s been found that lesbians orgasm more than any other group. 75% of the time, they get off, while straight women only get off 61% of the time.