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The Latest Conspiracy Theory About The Moon Has Us Asking Far Too Many Questions

Have you heard the conspiracy about the moon? No, not that the moon landing was faked, and that the famous footage of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the lunar surface in 1969 was filmed in a studio and directed by Stanley Kubrick.

In 1976, a writer named Zechariah Sitchin claimed that the ancient Babylonians and the ancient Sumerians knew about a planet called Nibiru, which, like Earth, orbited the sun. That led to theory that Nibiru (also called “Planet X”) is part of its own solar system. And because it’s so close to Earth, its orbit could mess with ours, making the poles switch, triggering earthquakes, and making volcanoes erupt.

The thing is, this was already supposed have happened, with Planet X theorists predicting the de facto end of our world three different times this year alone. The world obviously didn’t end…probably because Nibiru / Planet X isn’t real. NASA even said so (but of course that’s what they want you to think).

A Nibiru truther named Matt Rogers, however, argues that the rogue planet does actually exist, and that it does threaten life on Earth as we know it. The world’s leaders have conspired to keep it quiet so as to not create mass hysteria. They’re doing that, Rogers says, by spraying tons of chemicals into the sky that obscure the presence of Nibiru. Also, and this is major, Rogers says that the sun and moon aren’t real. Or at least the things we think we see when we see the sun and the moon. They’re “reflector simulators,” basically tricks of light, shadows, and projection, to hide Nibiru’s appearance in the sky. Okay.

People on Twitter are weighing in, and they are skeptical and dismissive of Rogers’ uh, creative, theory. That or they’re just sheep who believe what they’re told to believe about the moon, mavaaaaaaan.

Its really hollow inside and there are aliens in it spying on us. LMAO!

It’s definitely a hologram. I’ve watched YouTube videos on it. Must be true!!

It’s made of cheese?

It’s flat? Doesn’t exist?