23 Kitchen Products That Actually Might Make You Want To Cook

11. Nothing sticks to this silicone baking mat. Nothing.

Not cinnamon buns, not cookies, not marinated meats, not even texts from Karen.

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12. This drawer organizer is customizable!

Which is great if your drawer is a combination of stuff you bought, stuff your roommate bought, stuff your mom gave you, and stuff you found on the sidewalk.

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13. These herb scissors make sprinkling your seasoning a breeze!

Seriously, who wants to chop up a bunch of tiny herbs? What are you, made of time? Like some kind of time-lord?

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14. And chop your bigger stuff with this awesome chop-guide bowl.

Chopping sucks. It’s messy and it requires a ton of space. So make your life simpler and put on some chopping training wheels. No one will make fun of you, I promise.

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15. This thing stores a lid and a spoon and will save you so much counter space.

If you’ve never been holding a lid and a spoon at the same time thinking “Where am I supposed to put these? On the ground?” Then you’ve never really cooked.

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16. This juicer saves all your extra juice!

Perfect for when the juice gets loose — and goes straight into your f***ing eyeballs like pepper spray.

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17. This rice cooker goes in the microwave and it’s genius.

Cooking rice is the worst. How much water? How much rice? How hot? How long? Literally no one knows. So save yourself the trouble and throw your rice cooker in the microwave while you worry about other things.

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18. This dessert blender turns fruit into delicious soft serve.

It’s… honestly why would I have to say anything else just buy one.

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19. This air fryer fries things… with air!

How is such a thing even possible?! I don’t know, it’s 2017. Anything is possible. Up is down. Down is up. You can fry things in air now. Go nuts.

Get it on Amazon.


20. This dual-layer steamer will make cooking twice as fast and twice as healthy.

It’s like steaming your dinner in a double decker bus. Haven’t you always wanted to steam your dinner in a double  decker bus?

Get it on Amazon.

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