Kim Jong Un Testing A Missile Is The Newest Photoshop Battle–And We Might As Well Laugh

Well, here we are potentially on the brink of a global nuclear holocaust. Exciting stuff, am I right? If you haven’t heard, North Korea has been trying to bolster their nuclear weapon technology. Public service announcement: This is not good news for the world. Since there sadly isn’t much you and I can do about the rising tensions in the nuclear missile game we may as well try and have ourselves a laugh.Hopefully, Kim Jong Un is nowhere near being able to attack anyone with a nuclear weapon. Until we know for sure we can always turn to the good ole internet for a laugh

This photo of Kim Jong Un celebrating after an intercontinental ballistic missile test surfaced earlier this week. While it’s a serious situation, to say the least, it’s also pretty damn scary! Have no fear the internet is here to make light of the situation. Redditor Kiplay_Kek decided to challenge the world to a PsBattle (Photoshop Battle) and we couldn’t be more thankful because some the results are incredible.