Katy Perry Tweeted About Her ‘Anxiety’ And People Are Not Having It

Katy Perry has always been fairly open about her mental health, having once live-streamed her therapy session for all the world to see. However, one of her recent comments about mental health has people furrowing their brows a bit.

On Tuesday, Perry doled out a piece of wisdom to her Twitter followers, telling them that whenever she feels “any anxiety,” she just breathes in through her nose and out through her mouth.

The comment was made with purest of intentions, but it managed to rub some people the wrong way — specifically, people with actual anxiety.

Twitter users started making sardonic responses to Perry’s “insightful” advice (which isn’t terribly helpful to people who are dealing with actual mental illness).

As one person astutely pointed out, anxiety and nervousness are not the same things at all.

In all likelihood, Perry’s heart was in the right place when she made the remark, so everyone should probably just cut her some slack. After all, taking deep breaths when you’re panicky or nervous is bound to help a little bit, regardless of your mental health diagnosis.

That said, actual anxiety is certainly not something that just goes away with enough meditation, and it’s important that society views anxiety as more than a simple, temporary emotion — for many people, it’s their constant reality, and it takes more than a few deep breaths to keep them on track.