Fashion Icon Justin Trudeau Is Sporting Some Very Flashy Socks At The Davos Economic Forum

America’s “cool young leader era” is over, at least for now. For eight glorious years, we had Barack Obama as president. A relatively young 48 when elected, Obama liked The Wire, Chance the Rapper, basketball, appeared on web shows like Between Two Ferns and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and once sang Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” in public. He was the real deal. Not only was he a compassionate, caring, extremely smart dude, he was just likable.

Canadians are getting to experience this same kind of thing right now. Their prime minister, Justin Trudeau is so young that his name is literally Justin. He grew up in the public eye (his father was beloved prime minister Pierre Trudeau), and it doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty darn good looking. He doesn’t mind it when he’s caught shirtless at the beach, he was sympathetically devastated when Gord Downie, lead singer of the Canadian national treasure the Tragically Hip died. He’s in touch, he’s with it, he’s awesome.

Trudeau even wears cool socks when out on official government business. Just like that guy from Bones! This week, Trudeau is representing his country at the very serious Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Just because he has to discuss incredibly important economic, social, and political issues with other world leaders doesn’t mean he can’t have a little fun. He’s been spotted at the summit wearing some pretty flashy socks. How flashy? Yellow ducks on a purple background flashy enough for ya? And that’s just one pair.