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H&M Just Announced The Launch Of A New ‘Modest’ Collection For Spring

This week, H&M announced their latest line, which they hope will appeal to more modest shoppers. The line is called the H&M LTD Collection, and focuses on “embroidered, flowy pieces such as tunic and trouser sets, kaftan dresses and other pieces with long sleeves and lengthened hemlines,” in the words of 10 TV. 

Launching online May 3, the collection hopes to offer desirable clothing to the global market.  Pernilla Wohlfahrt, head of design at H&M, tells Glamour, “Today H&M is present in 69 markets, and we want to be diverse and inclusive to all the markets where we operate. We want to be able to offer something for everyone.”

The Collection Is Exclusive for the Spring

The exclusive spring collection offers women’s clothing ranging from $59.99 to $129, and accessories running from $34.99 to $49.99.

This isn’t the first time H&M has sold more modest clothing. In 2015, they hired model Mariah Idrissi, a Muslim woman wearing a hijab, to showcase the brand’s fashion. Wohlfahrt tells Glamour, “We have had modest options in the range in the past and decided for spring to bring together these items under one cohesive collection, for customers interested in modest fashion to easily find and shop these items.”

So, if you’re looking to cover up a bit this spring, look no further. H&M has you covered.