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Chrissy Teigen Trolled The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show–And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Chrissy Teigen has some pretty amazing fans. The outspoken model and TV show host never holds back online and, a lot of fans love her for it. Her relationship with husband John Legend, her hilarious Twitter feed, and her uncensored viewpoints make her a pretty great role model for women everywhere. Teigen calls out to fans online often for advice, funny stories and sometimes – brown bananas. Her fans always, always deliver (even for six brown bananas).

But, this time, Teigen asked her fans for something a bit different. She started off hilariously trolling the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on her social media accounts. While Teigen herself is a model, she wasn’t invited to partake in this years’ runway show. In fact, she thinks her invitation must have “gotten lost in the mail.” But, she was sure to troll the yearly event on Twitter. A few days leading up to the show, she pretended she was actually in Shanghai with the other models.

She even made sure to let her fans know that they can follow her entire trip on her Instagram story.

The hilarious model and mother of one (soon to be two!!!) played the role of a Victoria’s Secret model pretty damn well. She joked around that she was actually in Shanghai getting ready for the show, that she was “nervous” but, thinks she’s going to “kill it.” She also pretended to get in “one last workout” before having to take the runway. Hilarious.

The highlight of the entire troll session had to be when Teigen asked fans to photoshop her into the group photo.

And, fans totally delivered.