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People Are Updating The Famous ‘Hand Turkey’ Drawing We Did As Kids–And It’s Something Else

Remember when you were a kid and every holiday you would have a class project to complete? I mean, I remember doing everything pretty horribly because I’m as good of an artist as Donald Trump is a President (burn). But, now that I have a nephew and a niece, I get dozens of holiday drawings all year round. And, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, you can bet your ass that my adorable nuggets are giving me those really awkward hand turkey drawings (except because he’s 2-years-old, they’re teeny tiny turkeys). While my nephew is busy being mindblown over his artistic abilities, Twitter is revamping the hand turkey with a brand new vibe. Instead of the regular hand turkey, they’re giving us the kind of turkeys we never knew we needed.

Like, this Stranger Things hand turkey from the upside down:

This Kim Kardashian hand turkey:

This Lady Gaga hand turkey:

This hand turkey in his underwear:

This Donald Trump hand turkey:

This rock and roll hand turkey: