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Glitter Butts Are The Newest Trend Taking Over The Internet This Summer

Glitter butts. No, I didn’t just have a stroke. Glittery rear ends are just the new craze that’s circulating the internet this summer, and this is your in-depth look at the sparkly, albeit unusual, new attire.

Scroll through your Insta feed and chances are you’ll come across at least one of these glittered derriere’s, the unexpected follow-up to 2017’s trend of glitter breasts. It’s not a trend you should expect to see casually walking down the street on a Wednesday morning, but rather as part of the year’s festival season.

The glitter butt first appeared to the mainstream public on Go Get Glitter’s Instagram page. The UK glitter brand posted the image of a glittery peach adorning a model’s backside coupled with the caption, “Feeling #peachy in the Palm Springs sunshine! #COACHELLA.” Shortly following the provocative post, Go Get Glitter revealed specialty designs that utilized rhinestones, crystals, and studs over thick layers of glitter. The look, when perfected, gives off the appearance of sparkling underwear. Curious readers take note: while it may look like underwear, it doesn’t offer the same coverage.

Sophia Levy, co-founder of Go Get Glitter and makeup artist, spoke with about the potential up-and-coming trend. “We are all about being creative, free and loving the skin you’re in, which is the message we wanted to portray to people when we created this look.” Optimistic about the future of glitter butts, Levy continues by saying, “So who knows- maybe jewel underwear will be the next trend?”

The closer we get to festival season, especially with EDC Las Vegas creeping up on the weekend of May 18th, 2018, glitter butts are sure to clutter the Instagram airwaves. As uncomfortable as it may appear – and there is no way gluing glitter and rhinestones to your butt isn’t irritating – glitter butts are going to be a craze this year. It’s a flashy look that takes “glitter boob” to a different level, but one has to wonder, as sparkly and cute it may be, how does one sit down?