Dog Gets A Little Too Excited To See Its Human—And Twitter Is Rolling With Laughter

Second only to cats, there’s nothing the internet loves more than cute, funny, and amusing dogs. That’s because we as humans in general love dogs—they are humanity’s “best friend” after all. They offer up companionship, cuteness, and enthusiasm. We could all take a lesson in happiness and zen from dogs, who are always just so dang happy to be where they are, doing what they’re doing, so matter what they’re doing.

They are, however, a little thirsty, but we seem to like that. If we leave the house for five minutes or five days, it’s all the same to dogs, many of whom just get so excited they can barely stand it when we return home to them after our sojourns. Or when we just go to another part of the house. But then we want to see them again, and then they’re so excited to come see us that it’s to their own detriment.

That’s the story of a guy from Phoenix named Dillon, and his dog. He captured a video of his dog attempting to run down the stairs to see him. And, well, the dog took a tumble. Quite a few in fact, and all the way down those stairs.

In just two days, the stressful then cute video has amassed more than six million views. In case you’re a human being with feelings and were curious about Dillon’s dog, he offered an update.