Man Comes Home To Find His Trash Strewn About — And There’s One Very Guilty Suspect

Dogs aren’t fantastic at hiding their emotions — let’s face it, they’d make for terrible poker players. And dogs are never more utterly transparent than when they’ve done something wrong. The guilty eyes, the sorrowful hunch … if they’re aiming for a life of mischievous crime, they should really work on their acting skills.

Axios editor Bubba Atkinson recently discovered that “someone” had gotten into the trash in his kitchen … and his dog, Charlie, pretty much outed herself on the spot.

Honestly, she’s so damn cute, it’s hard to be angry.

Bubba admitted that he was about to take Charlie out to go swimming when she got herself in trouble …

… and, of course, Twitter couldn’t let Charlie suffer unfairly for her crimes. Everyone rallied behind Charlie, defending her to the end.

Don’t worry, though — Bubba says he’s not a heartless monster, and Charlie did eventually get her swim. (He also informed everyone that the trash can was actually very well-hidden, thankyouverymuch.)

However, he also had to admit that Twitter was right: Charlie deserved even more cuddles and forgiveness.

Hopefully Charlie will work on her stony-faced demeanor in the meantime — but, if not, it’s pretty clear that her sweet face will get her out of any trash-related messes.